Prepare a Healthier Meal with Organic Poultry, Turkey, & Beef from Our Farm in Milton, Pennsylvania

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Experience All-Natural Meat at Meal Time

                      When You Buy Organic Beef, Poultry, & Turkey from Our Farm

Sink your teeth into great-tasting meat without sacrificing your health when you purchase organic beef, poultry, and turkey from our well-established farm in Milton, Pennsylvania. Paradise Valley Organic Farm is a state-certified organic meat farm that specializes in raising grass-fed cattle, chickens, and turkeys. When you come to our family-owned-and-operated farm, you can buy organic poultry, beef, and turkey for more natural flavor. Contact us for more details about the current selection of organic meat on our farm.

Organic Poultry Sold as Whole Chickens
Choose from numerous 4- to 6-pound chickens raised from "Day 1" on our farm when you come see us. At 14 days of age, our chickens go from floor feeding to eating organic feed outdoors. While outside, they eat as much organic grass, bugs, and feed as they like to help make them plumper for you. We do not offer them fresh except during the growing season, which runs from May to October. Otherwise, they're frozen and available during regular once-a-month pickups.

Organic Angus Cross Beef®
Make your taste buds stand on end with flavorful organic beef from our farm. All of our organic beef comes from 100% forage-fed baby calves raised on our farm. Once they reach 18 to 22 months of age, they're finished well on our farm and then sold by the quarter, side, or 50-pound variety box. To ensure sanitation, all of our organic beef is processed at a USDA-inspected facility within the local area.

Angus, Organic Beef in Milton, PA

E-mail us or call us today at (570) 437-2156 to place an order for organic poultry
and beef products that are tastier and healthier than regularly processed meats.