Prepare a Healthier Meal with Organic Poultry, Turkey, & Beef from Our Farm in Milton, Pennsylvania

Proud Member of the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture  |  Certified Organic Since 2000

Slice into Tastier, Juicier, & Healthier Meats

                    with Grass-Fed Turkeys & Other Organic Meat from Our Farm

Do you want to keep enjoying high-quality meats without worrying about all the additives most farmers add? Stop by our organic meat farm in Milton, Pennsylvania, for healthy, tasty cuts of beef, turkey, or poultry. Paradise Valley Organic Farm is one of the few organic meat farms, but the main difference between our competition and us is our use of organic grass, grains, and feed. All of our animals are fed from what we raise on this farm, with some ingredients being brought in from outside sources.

Poultry, Organic Poultry in Milton, Pennsylvania

Organic Turkeys Sold Whole
Make your Thanksgiving a delicious memory with broad-breasted white turkeys sold fresh by our farm. When Thanksgiving has passed, we sell our birds frozen. Our turkeys are raised from early on and given access to organic feed, grass, and bugs to help them reach weights ranging from 12lbs. to 22lbs.

Your First Choice for Organic Meat
Our owner's parents purchased Paradise Valley Organic Farm in 1967 after they moved to the region from an area near Philadelphia in Southeastern Pennsylvania. They felt that this area was better for raising a family, so they planted roots. Now, our current owner and his wife make this second-generation farm successful with sales of organic beef, poultry, and turkeys. In fact, they've been selling organic poultry for 10 years and organic beef for 5 years.

Call us in Milton, Pennsylvania, at (570) 437-2156 for organic meat that's better for your health and your sense of taste.